Why must I be the one to suffer so much loss?
Why must I be the one to lose everything I come across?
All I ever did was love her too much,
Now she's gone and I'm wondering will it ever be just us?
She is everything i could hope for and the meaning to my words,
my reason for writing this poem and why it's about her.
Exhilaration flows through my heart everytime she is near.
Losing my train of thought and getting sad everytime she disappears.
A wish so sudden that happened to come true,
and now im so happy,.. happy that i have you.
Branded in my brain and memories kept deep inside my heart,
I wish I could show the world to her, she is everything Id ever want.
Desperately hanging on cause of how remarkable she can be.
She's herself,unique,but most of all beautiful to the eyes that see.
I pray and hope that one day it will be just you and me,
It may not seem this way now but you are everything...
that I will ever need.

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