Made to be the greatest ever since i was created
Im the best that ever did it got me feeling like i made it
Yea I'm hot track blazing feeling so amazing
Hard to the beat got the title for the taking
never faking don't mistake it
I'm a hit the beat hit it with no hesitstion
All in my mind in no time I'm a shine
You know i do it big best believe I'm on my grind
Stay real im too ill
lyrics nasty unhappy
I mess with the best so you know i stay classy
moment of silence I'm violent
I'm making sure you here me better fear me
I'm a giant
yes i stand tall never fall
I'm a ball Mcheal Jordan
Shut the game down I'm important
Defeating all the rest there is no other who can test me
Better bring a towl cause it'about to get messy

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