Untitled #24

read a book,
or sit here
with the lights out
contemplating on
the images of the men behind the prisons
or the prisons
behind the "MEN"
instead of their women?

on the crosses
that burn and the
associated racial statements that are laced with the fullest intentions
and highest of hopes to piss a whole lot of people off to points of
"No Return!"

Should I
read a book about
the Unjust
or Justice
or Justaboutus
and the laws that
are being passed
and made to fit
like a pair of
designer jeans;
Black Levi
and Denim?

Should I read a book
about our mentalities
and our sexualities,
our victories
and our defeats?
Or should I
write one of my own in reference to
"All The Above",
and about how there will always be a "RIGHT" way
and a "WRONG"?

But ya know what...

...I think I'll just write one about how, for some reason or another, libraries will always seem to be closed on Sundays.

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