Forget sitting down im ready to stand up
These lyrics make everyone wanna put their hands up
the gate i came from is locked and shut.
Im tired of people blaming me for what happened 300 years ago
I never rhyme sober because that was 300 beers ago
my mothers cryin tears that just wont go
fathers cryin tears that he doesnt wanna show.
everyday i deal with typical racists
no segregation in their brain is where i place it
they never wanna hear me and tell me to save it
but take one look in my eye.....I made it
always startin a war in these strets
the actual war is home because we have different people in our sheets
we need to stop worryin about which one cheats
but how safe your baby is when they sleep
But im not God i cant change peoples ways
im not a calendar i cant count back the days
all i can do is watch and pray
that we as a people have a better day
The only thing i blame is a mother getting an abortion
and how our legal system is all out of proportion
and the ability to judge like your vision is full of distortion
and how nobody wants to mix colors to get an assortmrent
So all we can do is pay attention to lifes signs
and hope word gets to these people in time
before we start hearing their names in a prayer that rhymes.

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