These whispered words through my prison bars,
I guess will never reach you.
They float along in a mournful song
And fade away from you in fear.

And though I know what the curse may be,
I keep on whispering steadily
As my cell shrinks away and the room starts to sway.
The embers burn away at your feet.

Hope is such a deadly friend
Who eggs me toward my favorite sin.
It reaches for me through these cracks in my cell
And makes the flames grow higher.

Just leave me be but don't let me go.
I don't want to see, but I have to know
What happens now that you affect me so.
I am slowly giving way to a burning fire
That comes from the rejection of my desire.
And then the fire gives way to a freezing ice
That steals the breath that gives me life.

It is so very hard to see the sunrise
From a prison as high as mine.
Maybe one day I will be able when I come up
From my knees.

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