Oh here we are again, I'm tired of looking at sin.
During the day or even at night; it seems as though nothing is right.
Yell! I saw what was done.
When the sin was over, he thought it was fun.
The way he lied and cheated his way through.
The word says, "Under the sun there is nothing new."
Enough is enough, my mind is made up.
I said; enough is enough, my mind is made up!
I have had all I can stand.
I'm going to have a talk with that man.
I'll get his attention and remind him of the price.
I'll let him know, it's all about Christ.
Will he listen to me and get his life straight?
Or will he fake it for a while?
In other words, perpetrate!
Enough is enough, this is a thing of the pass.
I'll have that talk with him, once I find that looking glass.

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