like a bird that's lost its pattern or a zebra whose losing stripes
these buildings are always sleeping but mine stays awake at night
and this lighting will never strike twice, its all part of the rarity
beauty's what I've been holding on to, but just barely.
i swear I've been close to the cold but with windows frozen
i haven't seen a second past summer
and if you took a flight in my shoes you'd know
that I'll never forget any numbers.
I'm just caught up in what i could be caught up in
there's a lot that's been lost through the years
but the calmest things are the calls I'm in
knowing a part of me is still near.
now do we fear for the future or branch off of fate
cause i cant seem to move every hand that i take
as of lately i stand
as one man and a mirror
reflecting on absence asking why am i here.

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