For a very special woman, Megan Leigh Weeks. Thank you for all the inspiration. May I love you forever, or die trying.

There's a few things I need to say,
And a few things you need to know.
I hope that the end of this day
Brings my true feelings out to show.
I'm not trying to change you,
Just helping you to be informed.
And if you want your dreams to come true,
Don't let yourself become conformed.
Dear, you are only human-
Though beautiful, clever, and kind-
But don't wonder where your whole life's been,
Just push ahead and use your mind.
I've let my head and my big heart,
Help choose my life, time after time.
They've chosen good paths from the start,
And is helping you really a crime?
For you're truly a perfect woman,
From what I hear and what I see.
You're passionate, full of affection...
I just hope you listen to me.
Girl, don't do things that you dislike,
But give everyone an equal chance.
Be done with people on the first strike,
And don't give them a second chance.

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