As I lay here not so patiently waiting,
My agonizing pain is hidden, you see!
My patients along with my heart is slowly dying;
Regrettably the cause of this pain is me.
I want to blame someone else so badly,
but I cannot specify a name.
Im not so patiently waiting to be loved by someone the same.
I project this beautiful image;
However it's only who I pretend to be,
Happy and content in my own skin;
Is what I need you to see.
But behind this smile........is a broken soul that I choose to hide.
These heavy tears are not so patiently waiting,
to be alone so they can be cried.
Why bother you with my problems, this pain is hard enough for me;
I'm not the person you think, but it is who I want to be.
I am unable to recognize why I am someone he loves to hate,
I'm sitting here not so patiently waiting to make the perfect escape.
Being with him makes me happy but when hes not around,
I can't help but think of his voice and how much I miss the sound.
Im not so patiently waiting but,
because of what I've been through before,
My heart is confused not knowing what I need.....
love has somehow became a chore.
I'm not so patiently waiting, to love someone and be loved the same.
Waiting to be happy and no longer be the pawn,
in someone's tired, played out, game.

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