Goodnight my little light of love, now it's time to go to sleep.
If you shut those little almond eyes mommy will not hear a peep.
I hear you playing with a toy, I see you looking all around.
There are so many things to see, so much to be found.
Your bright eyes twinkle at me. Your smile lights up the room.
Oh how you love to listen to a toy's melodic tune.
We dance together in the night when your little gums are sore.
In these times we don't remember we ourselves are tired and wore.
You hold the key to so many hearts, all who love you so.
You laugh out loud and squeal with delight to give us all a show.
When we leave our happy home your sweet eyes are big and bright.
Oh,what beautiful things to see. the world is quite a sight.
Now sitting and rolling over doing amazing feats each day.
It won't be very long at all till your finding your own way.
So here you are before us doing things before you should.
To our amazing wonderment, things we didn't know you could.
Yet being held in our arms for now is your most favored place to be.
So here you will remain in love unless God brings you home to thee.
You are our precious little baby and you are such a little light.
Even shining your love everywhere just by sleeping through the night.
Goodnight our little light.

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