The sky melted the way sherbert ice cream does
thick, drizzling in a puddle on the horizon
and birds sang to the dripping glow
Soft grass tickled park benches
and the heels of her old tennis shoes
She pretended to admire the ice cream sky
As she peeled away the sherbert skin of her orange
she imagined the sky would be flavored like each slice,
sweet, warm, fresh
She wanted the color of the sky and orange
to devour her in that moment
but there were outside forces pushing her
distorting the twilight
Her thoughts were of the past and future
Her eyes looked beyond the sky
Her thoughts dwindled the sherbert moment down
into nothing more than a weekend spent alone
with the sky and an orange
The bird's chirp rattled and disturbed her mind
and thoughts crackled inside her head like a wildfire
In that moment, nothing was pleasant -
It was bitter like consuming an orange's rind
thick, tough, leathery
With a sigh she allowed her thoughts of her past and future
to devour her in that moment

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