Truth is my best friend, I feel I must confess.
Lost in a world of distraction, I was born to digress.

Truth is my best friend, I fear I must confess.
For me, Truth is all there is, nothing is more/everything is less.

Like attracts like-seeking Truth is what I live for.
Like attracts Light, a magnetic seed of Truth is my core.

In my being, I know Truth is worth dying for.
Being able to find the right exit, I dare not hope for more.

Several times a day I say I'm ready to go.
Because while I'm here, nothing is all I can truly know.

Countless times a day I think I'm ready to go.
I've yet to find my rhythm while my soul yearns to go with the flow.

I sit still as my salty thoughts pull fact and fiction apart.
Getting carried away on red tides that stem from my heart.

I sit quietly as I tear myself apart.
Just doing what I'm told by the Light in the dark.

This world has deemed me crazy, I must say for Truth is best.
Fine. I admit I'm crazy. Oh so crazy blessed.

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