I no longer believe in love,
because something so painful could never come from above.
I no longer believe in the words "I'll never hurt you",
because that's all people seem to do.
Words hurt worse then physical pain bones heal and bruises go away,
while the words are there to stay.
Especially when they come from the one you love more then anything,
and who you would have given everything.
It's makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide,
because you feel as if part of you has just died.
It makes you wonder if what you had was even real,
and how to stop the pain you feel.
It makes you wonder if they really did ever care,
and if they would even notice if you were no longer there.
You would of done anything,
to make them see that they were your everything.
Now your feeling worthless and all alone,
fighting the urge to pick up the phone.
Wishing this pain would go away,
yet knowing its there to stay.
Wondering what you did so wrong,
yet your love for them is still so strong.
Wondering why,
as you lay there and cry.
Would they miss you or even cry,
if tonight you were to die.
Maybe a little or maybe not,
more then likely your the one they already forgot.

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