What good is a man to his daughter if he can't raise him own
What good is a man to his family if he's not happy in his home
The pressures of growing up are getting tougher to handle
The objective of these situations are meant to dismantle
The nature, soul, and spirit of a man who's been humbled
Who tries to keep steady but obstacles have him rumbled
A kind, quiet man just trying to get by
To try to keep his head grounded but still problems arise
These issues have this man turning cold and dark
Now breaking the fortitude of a man once bold and smart
This young man who's transitioned from warm and full of light
Now a bitter person encumbered with regrets and full of gripes
Now constantly questioning the sincerity of his own motives
Constantly telling himself no good sense to be hopeful
Lacking genuine kindness and losing faith in humanity
Losing perspective on man and lacking a sense of philanthropy
No longer willing to extend a hand of helpfulness to his fellow man
For his sympathy is lost as is his will to understand
To truly comprehend the emotions of his loving kin
Gets lesser and lesser as more as he pretends
To find comfort and humility in the displeasure of another
But can't find it in himself, so how could he truly help his brother
He's lost in all concepts of trying to be a good friend
So without hesitation or notice, he walks off to his end
The end of all relationships that his love is involved
Walking away from what matters most 'til the best he can is crawl
Defeated, crawling now seems like the only way to move forward
With anger, regret, sorrow, pain, and no acceptance of closure
He knows now he must continue on this journey by his lonesome
So he could come back and prove to the doubters he's wholesome
The road on this journey of life is still under construction
But his path is unknown, leading to redemption or destruction
While stagnant in his progression he knows to continue the fight
To come back to his family and release them of this plight
All of his inspiration and energy is drawn from only his daughter
To give her a life better than his, and alter the way she's brought up
So he keeps her in his heart while he must do for himself from afar
Knowing his mission on this journey of life is to be better with himself, his daughter, and God.

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