Don’t lie and say you care.
You don’t.
No one does.
If you hear this please answer me, here I plea:
“Does anybody even truly care about me?”
Am I not beautiful enough? Cause I can be.
Am I not smart enough? I can be.
Am I not enough enough because it’s a trick to me,
You see just snap your fingers and I will be
Because that’s just me.
I latch on and get attached until you yank me off in disgust
And then I bleed.
I bleed water through my eyes,
Fury out my ears and use my tongue to lick my salty tears off my lips and then touch them with my fingertips in memory and cry harder because even with your magic trick
I was still left sick because you don’t care about me.
No one does.
So if you hear this don’t even answer my pleading,
Because I can already feel the bleeding.

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