When I die pour the melted copper of my flesh unto the
pale ivory skeleton of any artist's past.
Drain every stench of my morals into the colourless
soul of life's every complaints.
Standing at the cardinal points where goodbyes are
New horizons to explore the happiest places never
known,perfume the air with frankincense and
delight your self with wine.

Pick apart all our dreams realized and make yourself
an expensive coat,of which it's warmth never dies.
Take the purity of my friendship and make a string
of pearls and layer it around the necks of my foes
as a peace offering.

And my son,take my every lesson learnt to your
head,sip carefully, understand it's varied tastes.
Know that success is sweet, but the pungent sting
of defeat, bitter like myrrh, carried more weight.

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