Let’s forget about everything and let’s live the moment,
It’s 3:00 am,
Almost 60 kms away from the city,
She is sitting next to me,
Or I am sitting next to her,
We are little drunk, maybe I was little more drunk ready to speak my mind out, wearing my heart on my sleeves which had no sleeves on.
We reached our destination,
We sat down,
We ordered,
We all started talking while my soul was trying to call her soul out, looking at her while being drunk made her even more beautiful under the shining moonlight, it was mesmerizing.
Recollecting about everything that went down 60kms away and 2hrs ago, I just sat there next to her looking at her talk and smile while my stupid heart even fell more for her, I know I’m gone.

Well, I took my cup of coffee and went to sit away alone but you came and sat next to me.
Did you really want to sit with me or did you just want to give the other souls their own company or you were just lost like me and came to sit alone hoping I won’t be much of a bother?
Well, I assume a lot and overthink a lot.
But it felt great when you came and sat next to me.
You spoke a little but shared a lot,
Words were few but meant a lot,
I just realized I’ve a lot to learn and know about you,
You say you are an open book but you are not and that’s fine everybody doesn’t need to know you.
Not putting you on a pedestal but stating the truth,
You are little lost don’t do anything stupid to suffice you,
you are precious,
You are amazing as the way you are,
Just give some time and believe me believe yourself,
I might not be there to say it, we might be on different paths leading two different lives and who knows never ever meet each other again.

As the time passed by, moments hitting the dawn
And sun rising up i could understand time with you is passing by and I just wanted it to stop when they asked us “can we go?”, I said 5 more mins but stayed back 10 mins more and I didn’t realize.
A day got lessened as I see the sun rise and reality hitting me hard saying, one day closer from the time remaining.
I won’t go blind because of you and ignore other things this I can guarantee cause it has never happened since you came in, everything I’m doing is all for me and some for you which ain’t gonna stop.

You are in my arm lying down,
As I look at you with no make up on,
You turn my world on, my soul on,
And your smile I just don’t wanna describe.
Just wanna ask you for coffee,
For lunch,
For dinner,
For a movie,
Just a moment together.
You are not a trophy that I need to achieve,
I wish you can understand this,
All I want to ask you right now is,
Black coffee and a hazelnut latte with your favorite green dress on and that beautiful smile that’s all you need to turn my day on.

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