It is the Zallus from we yes bring underground of Secgbrel.
It is being so the captain from Zaldmardincans
and humans alike to the Cornea.
This is of protect from incompetent masses and empires.

There was a Zald aircraft that crashed into the Bramein Forest not
far from where I stood on this tall building.
All the colors of the grey spilled out from it as debris
and smoke filled into the orange sky.
This as it became very dark.

It looked like a scene from hell a dark cell that it fell into the city killing many. The humans screaming in panic, zalds are frantic.
It's a haze blankets southern over the region.

It's covered much over the land like sand it was very deep lots of ash.
The destruction was nothing.
I walked down to the ruble to find any survivors.
I see some walking along the path.
I run up to a woman and that was looking for equipment and supplies.

I asked do they need any help.
The woman said sure we need all the help we can get.
The man asked me, are you from Secgbrel city?
I said no.

I asked the woman name and the man.
Her name is Selee and the man name is Candiran.
You are welcome to join us if you like.

We have plenty of food and water we shall get moving.
Candiran looked exhausted; Selee had obtained an injury from the wreckage.
She was going in and out of consciousness she could not walk.
I go over to help her.
She looked as if she was confused by me wanting to carry her.

I did anyway.
Candiran grab the remaining supplies and equipment.
That is what we will need.
We move down the destroyed valley, it was hard to see anything.
Candiran asked me as we walked to find a good
place to settle down in.

Well actually to shield ourselves from potential threats.
What is your name?
Aragon I told the man.
Well it's nice to meet you Aragon. I said sure.

After a little while of walking we came to what looked like an abandoned
building. It appeared to be receiving continued maintenance.
It's an old hotel still intact.
By this time Selee is out cold.

Candiran look to see what was wrong with her we got in.
I immediately notice she had a large open wound.
That was bleeding out under her clothes.

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