Panic, panic. Manic, Manic. I can't explain it. Can't abandon, but can get abandoned, outlandish aint it? I'm so used to being stranded, I keep my survival kit by my side at all times. I have a low self esteem. “That's an understatement.” Would you just can it?! I'm sorry. That was one of the voices that I hear on a daily basis. Save the statements. So lose the faces, assume position. Hatred looms in the basement. Here's the noose I carry. Or at least I carried. You know what's scary? I thought this noose was buried. Left my kingdom far behind. I thought I left the scars behind, but did I leave them scarred in my mind? Traveled to a mental hospital, but my card declined. Pity, pity. Good help is hard to find. All the weight on my shoulder. I really hate being bipolar. Before I left, I made sure to grab my folder. I think my demons took offense. I kind of booked it, then burned everything to a crisp. I'm trying to figure out which one of us was the loose end. I left it all behind, so i guess you could say I've been improving. Always making huge improvements. They were always saying I'm a nuisance? There's no God? I'd say to prove it. Prove it. I'll give you two pennies, but not sure if you'd want my 2 cents.

Follow me. Follow me. There's a place that's up ahead. Wait a minute? It's not halloween? Why's everyone wearing masks? What's everyone staring at? “I think it's you?” Me? Why me? Words written on a shirt. I can see. I can see? Defiant me? “Uh Devon”. Quiet please! “Ah Mr Sullivan” “You've arrived in peace? “I can see you're pretty confused?” What's with all the costumes? I'm assuming it's for your own amusement. “Ah there's that judgment that i was told you'd have” You don't know a thing about me. If you think I'm gonna stay, too bad. Sorry to disappoint. “Disappoint? I think you've missed the point of finding us?” You see all these souls that are lining up? You see we all have something driving us? Problems or issues that have its way of finding us” “Everybody comes in with a mask that they wear. It's a habit. It's there. They all come with their baggage, bad pasts and thoughts telling them they'll never be more than average” “We help you figure out the problems you are masking, the lies you never truly buried in the casket, doors you never unlocked in your castle?” I see you refused to take the highway and the byways. Choosing to take the backroads. The road that's been less traveled?” It was still pretty difficult. “Yes, it doesn't come without a hassle”
Alright well I'm leaving! Bye creepy mask people. “You're not staying?” Um no. I'm done with praying and I'm not in need of your saving. I'm fine where I am. I think I just need a change in direction? “Why yes, a change in direction, maybe a change in perspective? “You believe now that you're physically out of your chains that you are better?” “But you'll never be better, no matter the change of direction, perspective or weather” “Not until you acknowledge those buried triggers” See you judge everyone for theirs, but still hack at your own splinters” “Judging others for the way they've treated you, you think because your the bigger person that your also the better person. The thought is hard to resist. Hatred has been carving its way in. Always attentive, but you've been losing sight.” Always driven by your defaults, flaws and insecurities “Come on just admit it. You play Mr Nice guy, but in truth, deep down you think you're better than everyone who has always treated you like a less than. You've never been a yes man, for someone who loves to play the genuine nice guy. You remind me of that character from the show Gotham. What's his name? Oh Penguin?!” “always excellent and eloquent in times when you need it, but a very stubborn delinquent when that version is needed” That's a very nice version of me you've cooked up, but none of that is true. I am none of those things and I don't need you. Are we through? “The mind is a dangerous thing” Powerful thing, but a dangerous fiend.” Would you quit talking in riddles! “A lie is a lie and the truth is the truth, but when the truth comes to light our minds bring the lie to life. So the lie becomes our own truth. So you eventually become the lie as the lie owns you” Doesn't matter where you run, the truth always finds you. Just don't let the lies be the truth that defines you.

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