Sitting, dreaming, wishing, hoping, everything slowing down in my mind while my actions speed up at the same time.
I’m spiraling out of control escaping myself but still trapped under your heart because the memories are more precious than diamonds and gold, consequently now sad words are all I have to hold.

All night under the stars I paint the sky with my imagination to house the scars as I look at you from the past as if you’re present, and tears still fall everyday in the future that is untold.

Trapped inside memories of old, I never knew a good heart could be so cold.

Words so harsh and heavy like a journey in the sour bitter cold.

As you turned your back I watched snowflakes fall from your shoulder and float towards me only to scold.

You froze my heart the cracked it leaving a few new holes, but my nature is cold so finally upon the conclusion of a prolonged winter during the spring I decided it would be more beneficial to disregard the holes, as well as the small warm glimpses of summer you stole.

I no longer peek to see memories of old.

But cultivating the soil for the sunflowers, daisy’s, and marigolds to grow.

I left the lily’s frozen in the winter, your favorite flower gone with the holes.

Just so I could be whole again and blossom in season.

I like the warm forget the cold.

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