You can call me what you assume I am
A Different name for my different catagories.
But my subject will likely remain the same
When im pasted with words of stories.
I refuse your stigmatic view of my dark written letters
And command your acknowledgement of what I am
To not expect me to always come tethered with previewed page headers
And you assumptions that I was made on a whim.
So for what, you may think that I am not important,
when you see my headlines unbriddled,
But I am simply just as meaningful as you
even if I was created
I do not come with a synopsis,
the outline of my plot is way to brief to mention
But I conduct many genres that flows through the minds,
of those with creative invention intentions
I am not a script that's torn from a page, unidoled
My adjective is vital!
I am simply just a poem that was written to cleverly be NOT TITLED.

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