psychotic screams that she's creative. she screams it loudly.
they test test test her existence and compare her to peanut butter cups
Nutty bars have the most in common with her
but her heart is pure gold
And her mind they have no real clue, she keeps what's
in her head mostly untold
her intentions are good but she's bad bad bad
Who's BAD she's bad, you know it! You know it!
No not really I just love Michael Jackson
she's fifty percent childlike nutty bar at best, but only fifty per cent. the other fifty is her old soul. Her soul awakened a painting once and within she felt smitten with such a beautiful core she lay there awakened and thinking of everything and nothing so small.
my soul wondered if a thoughtful fish could catch it if it pondered too slow?!
My soul reflected..why do people assume. When we assume we are often wrong. She screamed, she was not psychotic, she wasn't going to be violent, the violence was thrust upon her by so-called professionals that had uttered some dirty words about duty of care. She was beat for being assertive. she was a good person, and creative, and not at all what was mostly said in a ugly psych report. The lucky ones got to love her, even though from afar, (she couldn't see it at the time), the others critiqued they assumed they knew her. That left its mark behind. She was more than they could ever imagine. Her soul dived into a suit for the beautifully misunderstood. It was like her heart of gold, her appreciation for all things that didn't appreciate her, and all that was her was cursed.

However, Her soul deep within knew that if you aren't served love, you find somewhere that will.
Tick tick tick...
soon within all time zones far and past, her soul became so old that it actually rejoiced in the experience of being unloved! No longer did it scream. No longer did it yearn. Said the soul - patience is a virtue and to think she once almost killed herself! "When love is served, love will be all the more joyful!" Sang her sweet soul, she painted these words across the night sky.

She should have gotten a pet years ago, said I.

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