Add my efforts, minus my mistakes.
Then multiply the poverty that divided my faith.
Once the faith was divided the next calculated state.
Was to find a algebraic equation to represent my fate.
Symbols of weapons and drugs created formulas of hate,
Variables of false prosperity and derivatives of hope.
To find numerical miracles to solve my problems and cope.
But these hopes are equivalent to a dream that never came true,
And this life can be as complicated as calculous two.
Especially when quantities of your freedoms
Are being swindled from you.
And that could equal despair subtracting your life,
From the life you once knew.

So no matter what branch of mathematics
You might solve,you could be Albert Einstein
They would still want your hands on the wall.
And as you calculate your days with that calculator
Of oppression, they'll be adding day by day,
In arithmetic progression. In a metric system
Measuring the distance between you and your family is stress,
Manipulate your release date becoming properitors
Of what you possess.
Just know that you are no longer equal
You are the calculated oppressed.

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