Untitled Love

Distant love?
It's still taken advantage of in point blank range.
Denial is the designer cloak,
which one wears when their heart is cold,
so love won't seep through.
But what makes you warm?

Silent love?
It's the greatest music I ever heard--
the music we put on pause,
to hear the chatters of opinion,
when we should listen to the strums of the heart.

Dangerous love?
Name an element more hostile.
Tell me of one that can give life
and take it in the same moment.
Name someone that cursed love
and did not regret his own words.

Secret love?
I will shout it to the world.
She will shout it, only to me.
You see our love, but you'll have to be love to know our love.
Without division: two become one.

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