untitled winter

Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my World?
Life just got colder like my heart started a blizzard.

The snowflakes fell by the millions.
Before I knew it, my body had started snowmageddons

I was buried, and the snow weighed me down.
It kept piling up on top of all the damages.

If you can save me now, you may need a snowplow.
The light was a single shine, but my darkness was plural.

Over time, I could say, “the light, the light, it’s getting closer!”
The roads to darkness were cut off by road closures.

Survivors were searched for by the Sun’s warm sunbeams.
My will to live helped me out like sunflower seeds.

It takes time to grow the Sun apologized.
Her beams sang please don’t let me loose you to apathy.

Snowflakes still fell double in size like the one line times two in these stanzas.
The Sun declared natural catastrophe as I screamed “they have to be snowzillas!”

I’ll save you don’t worry the Sun radiated.
But secretly I thought to myself “really?”

This winter has been dull like a black and white etching.
The Sun replied a spring of watercolor you will soon be embracing.

Summer is an oil painting and autumn is a mosaic of all of them.
A winter storm is the source of great strength, & the Sun changed the way I saw it.

It was brighter, and Life was greater.
Butterflies fluttered above saying, “closer, closer, it’s getting!”

They were happy to be saving someone.
And I was happy to see winter as a building block using nature’s symphonies.

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