This universe is filled with untouchable, unreachable things.
The sun, the moon, and all the stars were just unreachable things.
Until I found you.
You made the universe come to life before my eyes.

You made it so I could stare at the sun for hours on end.
You planted bits of sunshine in your smile.
And that is something that will never tire my eyes.
The sunshine is now something I can admire, kiss, love.

The moon came to life within the mystery in your eyes.
You are more than you come across to be.
And you keep parts of yourself hidden.
But I would gladly explore the darkest side of you.
Just to understand who you really are.

And the stars.
Oh the stars...
You put the stars to shame.
I've never seen something more magnificent than the stars.
Until I saw you.
You shined brighter and more beautifully than any constellation,
shooting star,
or celestial body that's ever existed.

You, my love,
brought the universe's most spectacular bits and pieces to life.
And I will cherish them as long as you will allow.

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