Untouched But Physically Felt

He slept so peacefully under the comfort of her forearm.
His eyes closed, his eyelids flickering here and there.
His inhales deeper and deeper as he fell more and more asleep.
She'd stroke her fingers through his hair,
while studying his facial expression with her eyes.
Her helpless hand was being used as a pillow to him,
on their small blanket,
set up nicely under an oak tree.
Instead of moving her fingertips,
from where they carefully laid,
she used her eyes.
Her hazel eyes were not only scanning
his face of beauty and compassion.
The power of her deep focus was much more defined.
Her mind connected to his at that very moment,
as her pupils felt the small indents placed upon his cheeks.
The power of her unfelt touch was so powerful,
it took the two of them from the small town
in their small county, to someplace else.
The rest of the scenery was a blur to her,
except for the remarkable features,
that were found upon his alluring presence.
Sometimes people can touch you without their hands,
and that's exactly what she had done.

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