Untouched Safe Haven

Cascading from the sky is ashes and embers,
not sure how this place got how it is.

The building to my left is enveloped in flames,
I hear the shrieks of the wood as it begins to give way.

I continue to walk as the building collapses,
the skyscraper to my right is leaning awkwardly as it burns.

I get to the otherside of the leaning structure,
then it crashes onto the street behind me,
glass and metal hitting my shoes.

I continue forward and follow the cobblestone street,
until I meet a river,
then I feel a burning sensation as a ember lands on my arm.

My flesh sizzles under the hot ember,
I flick it off and as I do it takes a chunk of skin,
scarlet pouring from the wound.

I take off my over shirt and dip it into the aqua blue water,
clean and untouched by the destruction behind me.
The wound is cleansed by the unsullied water.
This is my untouched safe haven.

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