Untouched Snow

I am as beautiful as an untouched snow.
Deceitful, I lure you in with my elegance and grace.
As perfect as I seem, I'm an undercover nightmare:
A lesson that time must teach the young and naive.

The moments of joy are quickly ended by my hidden, icy interior.
Just like that, I freeze you out, and make you wish you'd never came.
Gorgeous, but painfully cold, I give you a frost-bitten heart,
But you've changed me, too; I'm no longer untouched snow.

Muddy footprints and snow angels have replaced my blank slate;
You've brought life to me, and forever changed my scene.
Inside, by the fire, you quickly recover from our encounter,
While outside, I stay still, as the snowflakes continue to fall.

Your snow angels are covered, your footprints are filled,
And at first glance, it's as if I'm new again.
But take a closer look, the outlines are engraved into my soul.
Anyone who sees me, sees the tale that my wounds tell.

The cleansing sun washes me away, and makes the earth new,
Until next time, my dear, I'll be thinking of you.

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