Unuttered Verses

Friendly faces, cheery grins, words, and noises,
Trivially significant, a haze of voices.

Events that transpired, plans in the pipeline,
Unpredictably predictable, a cloud benign.

Emphatic opinions, clear judgement,
Harmless prosecutions, just a refreshment.

I find myself, right in the middle,
My thoughts a layer, forming the bubble.

Don't be shy, exit your shell,
I am encouraged, they mean well.

Raise your voice, speak your mind,
Be heard, I am told or be left behind.

Eventually smiles fade, the words still,
Silent voids are hard to fill.

Is she just quiet, without a will to speak?
Or quite foolish with thoughts too weak?

Is she arrogant, turning away her cheek?
Or just condescending, always a critique?

Some would say, she thinks she is unique!
While others opine, she is a just a freak.

What about me? Which label do I seek?

Pause a moment, take a leap,
Beyond the chatter where voices sleep.

Peer into my grey matter to discover,
The quietened words, my unuttered verse.

Verses that do not burst to speak out,
Visions content to stay dormant within,
Verbiage that choose to remain clipped,
Vacuums of sounds drifting at ease.

The words often unsaid, or maybe just unheard,
An introvert’s bubble extends beyond the word.

Communication is celebrated, gift of gab is venerated,
Orb of silences are ignored and often denigrated.

Just this once, stop to look beyond the surfaces,
And stem your eloquence to listen to my unuttered verses.

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