Unveiling my Bride

The world await to see my bride
The wait is over
To my family, friends, colleagues and the entire universe
I present to you… the mother of my children
The beauty that defined beautiful
She is the character that characterized the true womanhood
Her lifestyle set limitation for satanic operation within and outside her jurisdiction
She is the bridge that connect me to God and humanity
She is my queen coz she rule my kingdom
I call her my crown coz she crowned my royalty
She is rapturous, ecstatic… in her presence sorrow melt like wax
I call her miss independent coz she is dependable
She is my gold coz her beauty never fades
I call her treasure coz all the treasuries for a best life exist in her
She is my epitome of a true bride

Her physical physique is flawless
She is perfectly short and gorgeously tall
Her front view is impeccable and her back side is without glitch
Her point nose sat between her dove eyes
Her lips is impeccably shape like palm wine cup that invite everyone for a taste
Her complexion oppose my dark complexion
Thou are fair oh! My lady
Words are feeble to express her beauty
She is my epitome of a true bride

She is the native of south
Her tongue justified her nativity
The place where young women are prepared for life
House chores is her hobby
The meal from her magic room satisfies my soul and nourishes my body
She is from a place where husband enjoys royalty
Respect, humility, care, submission and above all unconditional love is written in their play book
The place where infidelity is a sacrilegious and it never an option, hence Endurance and hope for a better home overruled the option of divorce
Her home land is an epitome of where a true bride should originate

My bride very soon the traditional rite shall be fulfilled
Two different cultures shall be unified as Christ and church
Our languages shall be unified as understand and love
Our families shall be unifies as one
Altar is calling at the penultimate month

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