Unveiling of hearts endlessness

Only to hide patiently thus awaits to see eventually; so as her noble knight seeks tenaciously. Together forged bonds, fusion infused within soulful muse. They'd embarked to reaping in partnership, yet sought-after love throughout any form, sowing destiny in their choice to conform. Against the odds, side by side, Together there is no wave in life, too big to ride. Flowing united, as a legendary team, setting sails to accomplishing as one team, in their togetherness to evolutionary progress in dream. Totality flourishes when his goddess contacts happiness. Completion to such is attained by the highest self to hold each other in facing any smudge of disdain. Viciously peering the beauty glistened from her eyes, I stand memorized as she captures myself reflected back, you see, for that is what happens when a realness of two interact. Mystical stillness at the exact moment we seal bliss, then suddenly I received from my goddess a true kiss! Leaving love blazers casted vast rippling throughout space and time for cosmic trueness to last. Soulfully concealed with everlasting hearts truest appealed. From the start, loyalty rendered sparks connection with someone else alas I received a kick start to my heart. Ever so blessed and thankful for our collisional manifest in the flourishness on the vibrations made, when dreams turn into my provisions layed, unremarkably upon much for getting unconditioned befit to the best of ways. Her presence mimicked heavens. Vortex portal for two, I entered respectfully in tune and ready to witness in bloom! commending their journey for a life of companioary flight to facing smudges in life to set a soar success we achieve throughout this provisional enounc enjoyment amounts positive vibes thus denounced. Flames eternal, constant inferno, burningly avoiding smother admist wakefulnes that is above and beyond, simple thought of you exceeds divinities through song, u see to know your loves essence shocks mystery to solving this unveiling of hearts endlessness with electricity to make lastful like all universal after lights, we upgrade one another's desires to proceed confidently in trine as they stick with it for the long run of a new song sounding tune amongst totalities to be in unison, jamming to the legacy of trued kindered spirits combined soulfully beneath a weeping blue moon

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