Unvoted Politics

Unvoted Politics
Animals are sacred holy vessels every species.
Wild life to farm animals to pets deserve to live a happy, safe, & loved life.
Not to be butchered & massacred to be frozen, stored, & cooked.
They have feelings, their mind has thoughts, they gave affection & require to be fed.
Their lives have purpose.
They have families & babies .
My vegan beliefs are based on moral values.
I chose for myself & daughter.
We are the only ones among disowned family & friend who are not caravores.
I never voted for the meat industry.
To have meat departments in stores.
Is like having a funeral at a wedding.
It is my choice to never purchase flesh.
To consume flesh alive or undead is not edible.
Horrific murder is unforgettable.

Murder has no compassion.
It has no style or fashion.

Barbaques are satanic rituals to give the devil power.
A sacrifice in each hour.
To be raised as a meat eatting caravore is a brainwashed tradition passed from generation to generations.
I broke the cycle.
I took a stand.
Join the cause for a new vegan world without blood vengenance.
Become a part of life.
The circle of life has no death.
The dead can't rest in pieces.
World peace on earth to save & prevent decease & demise.
In your heart feel what is wise.

Your stomach doesn't digest meat anyways it just rots there.
Today you can start to care.

To devalue the lives of cows, horses, pigs, lambs, chickens & their eggs is disrespectful, heartless, sadistic, selfish, evil, corrupt, damned, mindless, unremorseful, deceitful, betraying, & cruel.

It sickens me to see packaged body parts of animals slaughtered & mutilated.
For caravore consumption.
They would've made good friends not food.
It is disgusting to see red & purple blood leak & chicken fat juice seep through serane wrap.
People who eat the chopped off chicken & pigs feet & fish with their heads still attached & cow tongues look like human lungs are disgusting.
It is cruel & sick.
To cut up parts of a living creature.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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