Unwelcomed Clarity

By Jackamo   

It seems,
My life is filled with what "They" call wrong,
And yet,
I'm not willing to give up a thing.
So go ahead, look down your nose at me,
For all of my faults, my vices,
I'll look back at you with pity
Because you're not me.
You see;
I smile, a lot, I eat and sleep when I want,
Work when I must
Make love when I can.
The reality of it all is,
I'm shackled to only myself in this life.
The reality of it all is,
It’s late and my mind races with
Unwelcomed clarity
I want to lose myself in a billowy white cloud,
Go to bed in a stupor
And succumb to yet another dreamless night.
Then rise again tomorrow to the inescapable wonder
Of being me.

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This Poems Story

This one is near and dear to my heart. I was on a two week sabbatical of not getting high and this piece poured out of me with remarkable ease