Copyright Vincent Midolo October 2019

A gentle breeze litters the autumn air with
The familiar fragrance of change
Too subtle to ignore.
A penny for your thoughts, darling;
Whisper those sweet nothings
That remind me of the winter nights
When we were both alive,
The warmth of our blistered bodies keeping us from hypothermia.
We were blankets,
Sheltering each other from the endless tundra we called a home,
Taking turns enduring the torture of subzero temperatures
And fierce blizzard conditions.
It was not ideal,
But still we had each other and
That was enough.
...Until it wasn’t.
If I breathe deep enough,
I can still smell the flakes of chapped skin
I enshrouded in goose-down warmth,
Before the implacable wind swept me off my feet,
And all I can do is weep.

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