Up and Down

The rain bursts from the clouds
Too heavy to be held in any longer
The smell of wet hay that's just been plowed
The scent that makes all country girls stronger
The scent that sends us up and down, up and down

The dry dirt turns to soft mud
Sounds of trucks revvin' their engines fill the silence
Wheels spin and chug along with a thud
They move along with little guidance
And then we go up and down, up and down

The hard rain slows to a light sprinkle
The truck moves toward the open field
What's to come always adds a twinkle
A twinkle that insures that the deal is sealed
And we move up and down, up and down

Horses run by us in the pasture
Cowboy boots push the gas pedal to the floor
The moment we all want to capture
The moment the mud splats up the truck door
We squeal as we bounce up and down, up and down

Around and around we go
Circles are cut into the newly made mud
We go faster and faster, we never slow
Nothin' can stop me and my best bud
Nothin' can stop us from goin' up and down, up and down

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