Up Coming

Up Coming
Life is but a dream, a fantasy of
what is to come.
To find ourselves is to be awakened,
in reality of one king.
One mind, one voice, and one belief,
that we are free.
Saved at last, free of sin, free of shame,
and no more questions to be asked.
The gift of eternal love, is forever
a promise, seen never hidden.
Keep your sight always towards the heavens,
learning the power of truth.
Bringing up those who are looking down,
seeking for there own happiness.
The fulfillment of living,
How wise can we be?
Following those who seek after righteousness,
there strength is in their voice.
Bringing peace to our nation,
by living honestly in all that we do.
Seek the face of everlasting, and
break the chains that tie you to this world.
Let us wake up to the world we once knew,
but could never have.

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