You say it's not my fault
I say you lied,
You say I'm nobody's victim,
I say you had that choice to decide,
Because if anyone's I'd be yours,
In a smaller comparison you were my god,
You gave me life,
If a murderer has a knife,
Shouldn't pessimistic be a synonym for realistic?
Life's a gamble you took your risk,
Pain is like a cyst,
Burrowed deep inside,
So much it seeps out while it tries to hide,
Strange inexpiable, unpredictable things happen all the time,
Never lie to a kid telling them they'll be fine,
If I could press rewind, I'd press decline on your random chime,
As messed up as it may seem,
In life there's no line that you have to read between,
Everything is right in front of you,
You just have to accept what's true,
For those with real loyalty that's the hardest thing to do.

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