Upon Receiving Your Snapchat Request

Upon Receiving Your Snapchat Request

How dare you know one of the last phrases
my mother spoke
A swelling gem I placed into your starving heart from my scorched throat
How dare you know the sound of my children’s laughter at dusk
Glittered and full bodied
just to turn it into poison; off forked tongues
How dare you invade my body without love
To roll off me like fog on the witnessing creek
Dissipating mirage
How dare you feign superiority and turn your judging eyes from me
I could never do that last visit again
How dare you expect me to accept you afterwards
to satiate your lonely, voyeuristic curiosity
How dare you indulge a fantasy, a lonely experiment
To see if you are capable of love
and toss me, us, aside when you are through
Seduce and abandon
How dare you

The forsythia are blooming early this year.

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