Upon The Table The Tea Turning Cold

When the Past and the Future met,
I created anew a tea-shop there.
Placing a table there
and two chairs too
facing each other
I waited for ages.

They didn't come.
I say it just for the sake of telling.
For, none had promised to come.

It is here that the complication comes to be.
How to continue the poem

Recounting the poem from an angle unthought of by you
No possibility is seen.

Hence, forced to act,
I grab at two persons going that way
and make them sit in the chairs.
One of the, a male
The other, female.
This simple knot
Caused a spark in me.
Hurriedly I place a lone cup of tea
Upon the table.

Now, see there _
a situation has come to be
where they can be conceived as lovers.

After that I did nothing.
But, even if proved that they are no lovers
making it impossible to believe it,
things took shape on their own

Each one suggesting that the other should drink the tea,
with none drinking the tea turning cold upon the table
is indeed an embarrassing situation between
two Strangers.
Oh, We know very well.

But, doesn't this very situation help many
to guess it to be the magical game of love?

Both rising
leave for their respective work
in their different ways.
In fact this is how the poem was about to conclude
Yet, keeping our Tamil viewers in mind
I had changed the verdict
as follows:

The vapour coming out of the tea-cup upon he table
constructed a boundary-line between them.
After remaining silent for too long
they parted ways -
She heading towards Future
and he heading toward Past.
I have also set a melancholic tune
only a few can hear it.

As I may have to write it twice
I have given the climax as the title.

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