Upon This Caustic Plutonian Shor

Cast ashore, upon this blasted shore, this caustic shore,
with rocks that the sails, did just wore, but instead shred a tear,
due to years of wear,upon this plutonian shore,
this shore that lies longer than lore, but wish I not,
from this tale that you do bore, so wade with me,
as the waves roll and we venture farther from the shore,
wade with me through this sea of vegetation galore,
as we find what makes this land older than lore,
as I venture farther from this caustic plutonian shore,
of which wreckage does adorn,
as I travel through the inland certain to find this predecessor of
lore, and I was certain that I was far inland,
and equally as far from the shore,as I then came across a door,
but not some kindly door, likes the which that you do so just adore,
but instead a wretched door,
as if this door came straight from some equally as wretched lore,
with flesh as red as gore, and bone placed upon the knobs,
for both were seen because there was no wall,
but as I clasped the cold gravely knob, and swung it abroad,
I seen a caustic plutonian shore,
of which there stands a twin for the wretched door,
sitting upon the caustic plutonian shore, all alone,
with but just the caustic plutonian shore.

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