Upside Down

Why do you walk around with your smile upside down?
Is it that you feel you're a queen and haven't received your crown?
Or is it the other pretty women that make you do a double take?
You try to nod and force a smile that doesn't seem so fake.

Maybe it's the man that you have that now seems unfit.
He hooked you with his charm and everlasting wit.
The job that under values you which is seen within the pay.
Well my dear don't take it personal this happens every day.

You are a queen, we will not need a crown to tell you that.
Confidence is sexy, we will call it a proven fact.
Take jealousy out the equation, becoming whole is the key.
Take a stand and speak up then you will be truly free.

The man that was a problem will quickly dissipate
You must want it for yourself, keep strength as one of your traits.
Look for better pay, it's out there and all for takes.
Keep reciting in your head exactly what you want to make.

Further your education, get a hobby, pray and wait.
The job you long for is coming with benefits and a better rate.
So keep your head high up with your imaginary crown.
Now you will walk around with your frown seeming upside down.

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