Urban Desolate

I find myself marked on the streets and the pavement

A vandal of a cautious flair, a burden for the world to bear

I was a maker before I was a taker, evolved into a monument

Hands of a god, I salvaged dreams and crushed them void of care

The earth reflects in gray scale, absent of greens and blues

By chaos and distortion, I drew the lights from the people

And laughed in the faces of the faithful, what do they have left?

Wandering souls,

Searching for somewhere they hope to feel whole

Seeking a friend for the end of the road

Anything just to not walk alone

Continents sink, philosophers think

The man's going to jump; he's lived on the brink

Ghost towns, chemicals, abandoned terminals

Living like animals, the weakest of links

Children of the night, sleeping under bridges

Conversations under streetlights

They made me their hero and I brought them destruction

They asked for a cure and I brought them infection

I destroyed this world, thinking I had a knack

Oh, the things I would give to turn the clock back

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