Urban Suburban

Rollin' my crew that's how I do
Hit the road on the byway 222
Speeding my ride faster than you
Can't see nothing but a bird's eye view

Going uptown, got to make that turn
Wheels on rubber burn, baby, burn
Do you think that I would ever learn?
Cruising too fast, but who's concerned?

I see the lights and hear the sound
Stepping on the gas, nobody's around
Double clutch my roller, I can't be found
Won't catch me, I'm on the other side of town

Squeal, my wheels lay down tracks
Stopped my roller, I've been jacked
What should I do, I am under attack
Can't say a word, can't give them no flack

They said, "Get out of the car, you 2-bit crew
We are taking your ride, that's how we do"
My roller speeds down the avenue
The tires say bye-bye, we're gone without you

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