You don't know me.
I am the guy,
in your class,
who can not cry.
Emotions I lack,
I sit behind your back.
You act as if I'm new.
I have been class a few.
The brains I lack,
but guns I am stacked.
It's how you live a world,
that I wish to hurl.

I have a sensitive side,
that I wish to hide.
But to you,
I have so few.
You see me poor.
You slam the door,
in my face,
you quicken the pace.
My manners are great,
greater than yours.
Yet you yell at me,
that I am poor.

The time I saved you life.
You never think it twice.
I could have let you die.
But I saw something in your eye.
So I saved you twice.
You cringe at my name.
Your friends all laugh,
like it is a game.
The time it had burned,
you seemed so scared.
My heart began to yearn.
Wanting to save you.
Upon your grave I stand,
talking with you.
You response is silent,
but I still understand.
That if you'd have lived.
You would have loved me.
Liar I scream.
Liar I shout.
You would never love me.
I am poor,
I have zero.
But to you.
I am a hero.

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