We took this journey together
Not for pain or for pleasure
At first was taken by looks
Now I’m just glad that I met ya

Beauty’s a curse
Guess I was doomed to know better
Because You can hope it won’t rain
But you just can’t trust the weather

To the reason I made this
Sincerely your latest
You think that I can do better
But in my eyes you’re the greatest

You don’t know how much I hate this
So close to love I could taste it
But you didn’t relay it
Instead you had to delay it

It all started so simple
Guess I knew I wasn’t ready
But you said you would wait
And that you would never forget me

I never focused on falling
It sort of just happened
But now you say we’re just friends
Because you’re afraid of a passion

now you’re running away
Can’t figure out what just happened
How could we be so recent
Now you’re calling it past tense

I was always attracted
So I tried a new tactic
decided to show you my heart
Then you decided to stab it

The worst part about this
Is that I’d do it again
Bc all the pain that I feel
Hurt less than being a “friend”

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