#us Vs. Them

People are still hating others because of their skin,
even more of us vs. them.
Fighting each other is a war no one can win.
Held down in poverty, our rights taken away,
we're fighting on whether or not it's ok to be gay.
They poisoned our water, they poisoned our air,
but we're too busy fighting each other to notice or care.
Real food is getting harder to come by,
yet all we can think about is hating the next guy.
Our economy is crashing, our freedom collapsing.
Where's the love and compassion?
It's being drained from our souls whenever we turn on T.V.,
constantly screaming how this group or that group is a danger to me,
instead of celebrating biological diversity.
Why is it useful for hate and fear to be spread?
Because it makes it easier to get in our heads.
Why would they want humanity divided as a whole?
It makes us easier to control.

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