Use Your Mind Before Someone Else Use It

There once was a man who couldn't see
The power of his mind, so wild and free
He wandered through life, lost and blind
Unaware of the treasures he could find

For the man who cannot develop and use
The gift of his mind, he's bound to lose
The shackles of ignorance will hold him tight
As another man uses his mind to take flight

The thoughts and ideas that could set him free
Are locked away, never to be set free
He's at the mercy of those who think and create
While he remains in a submissive state

But it doesn't have to end this way
For the man who's lost, there's still a way
To unlock the potential that lies within
And let his mind soar, free from sin

So let us not be slaves to our own doubt
But empower ourselves to figure things out
For the man who develops and uses his mind
Will find freedom and success of every kind.

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