Used To

I used to think you'd always be around
I used to think you'd always be mine
But I guess that I figured out
That that was all just a lie
Baby I'm so tired of crying
Over what you did to me
So tired of missing and thinking about
All that we used to be
Empty promises fill the air
Pain takes over my body
I wanna leave, I wanna go
But I can't go nowhere
I hope you realize how good you had it
When you were with me
But I certainly ain't gonna give
You no sympathy
Don't start crying don't start sobbing
Don't say you're sorry you left me
Cause I ain't taking you back
No baby that won't work this time
That may have worked in the past
Back when you were mine
But I promised myself I wouldn't take you back
No matter how much you cry
And you beg, me, to let you back in
No I ain't falling for this again

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