Useless Taboo

A world of things we see, the vanity for meaningless empty causes.
The shuffling of people to chase & chase even if it's seems almost impossible.
False reactions, setups & unworthy dispositions.
All from chasing after the world's best that it has to offer.
Efforts of discernment, worrying & fatigued, feeling the effect of weariness for absolutely nothing at all.
No matter how good something looks it's powerful enough to pull you right in anyways.
Value is very little anymore & is almost completely non-existent.
No time to slow down, with planet earth moving extremely fast.
Perhaps towards something in the future that we can't seem to control.
It all points to signs from above & have been screaming to us from a spiritual sense.
People will be people following their own carelessness no matter what.
Well known leaders sellout fast leaving a bad taste in most mouths.
Breeding nations against nations, over the same situation & mostly money or land is what their after.
While giant corporations watch our world turn upside.
Running high priced machines into the ground then sending the bill to taxpayers.
Unions of great magnitudes no longer have what it takes, but only to fight for more when the moment pressures it.
Opportunities sequentially fulfills a new world not yet made.
And by the time most figure it out, it spins all out of control & then to start all over again.

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This Poems Story

This poem shows us that the world we live in that's moving even faster now than ever. Is a persuading taboo for many whom follow worldly ways, according to the scriptures, have proven to be meaningless.